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4 Responses

  1. Blue skriver:

    a iesit mult mai bine decat povestea cu batranul. iar copacul audio merita o vegetatie de remarcat insa k ai fost prea blanda cu maimutza. ea, care asa tampa, a adus necazul in specia lui mufu.ce zici daca am face o carte cu povesti si diorame numai buna pentru mame?

  2. I admire the honesty in the description of your journey. As a creature of comfort, I shuddered at some details. I like my comfort and privacy. You were a woman of little needs!!! I’ll never look at librarians ever the same way!! HUGZ

  3. Há alguma chance do Emerson pegar suspensão e não jogar contra o palmeiras? E só mais uma, Qual o seu palpite para Vasco x Flamengo????VAI CORINTHIANS…

  4. It’s really interesting to see and read about what a trabocco is like up close – great photos! It is wonderful that these fishing traditions are still being kept alive. What an amazing experience. It sounds like a day that you will remember forever.


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