Vecka 19

Det var varmt den veckan också men givetvis inte i närheten av den hetta vi har i dag. Den som vill kolla på lite foton från vecka 19 klickar på länken nedan.

Vecka 19 >>

Trevlig söndag alla!


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4 Responses

  1. Cayden skriver:

    A million thanks for posting this inmfioatron.

  2. Je mérite de gagner ce concours car j’ai volontairement choisi d’être rousse. A la base brune et mate de peau, je suis maintenant une « vraie » irlandaise. Et j’adore.Mais maintenant, jpeux plus me permetre les blagues sur les roux, on me rétorque automatiquement : « C’est toi la rouquine ».FAIL ou comme on dirait sur VDM : TLBM

  3. Don’t make excuses for him. The Vice Guide to North Korea goes on the same tour, but reminds you to take it all with a lot of skepticism. This guy, on the other hand, is inadvertently becoming a spokesperson for a very brutal and regime.

  4. I love ‘seeing object’ on objects. it keeps my imagination going. were would we be without things that make us smile. great post. The zipper face reminds me of a crappy co worker. Every time I see him I will think of that pic.


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